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Kids Cooking Summer Camp

Building Confidence in the Kitchen and Beyond!


Kids who cook, learn to love great food, make healthy choices in their diest (yes, they eat their veggies!) and become team players.

If your kitchen can’t contain your budding Food Network star, we’ve got the perfect plan and you might even get a delicious kid-made lunch out of this deal!

Our Cooking Camp is based on a monthly curriculum that will immerse young chefs in a world of culinary creativity and discovery. 

In our classes, children from 8 to 13 will learn the joy and value of cooking in an interactive learning experience that gives them the opportunity to develop a life-long love for the culinary arts.

Every week, children will embark on a tour of the World through its cuisines. They will learn all the basics of cooking and baking by actively preparing dishes from Europe, Asia and America while enhancing their English with native English speaking chefs.

Students will be introduced, hands-on, to all the aspects of the kitchen. They’ll learn about kitchen equipment, safety, skills, hygiene and all the basics of cooking and baking from the hands of professional chefs!.

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Some things to know about our Kids Camp: Classes are given three days a week (Mondays, Wednesday and Fridays at 10:00 AM). Each class is three hours.  Classes are limited to 8 students maintaining social distancing with one Chef Instructor and support staff. Classes for other group ages are available pending request.