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Frequently asked questions

What is included with my purchase?

All you have to bring is your good mood and appetite! Everything required to cook each paella will be provided by us.

I do not speak Spanish, will I be able to understand the instructions?

Absolutely! We want to share our passion and culture with as many people as we can, which is why our classes are regularly taught in English.

“I have a food allergy (or multiple food allergies), or specific dietary requirements. Can I still participate in the expereince?

Yes! It doesn’t matter if you are celiac, vegan or allergic to seafood, we are proud to cater our experiences to all dietary needs. All we require is to know your requirements in advance so we can make all proper arrangements.

In each class, depending on the number of guests, up to five types of paella are prepared (one per couple): the traditional seafood paella, black rice paella, pork ribs, chicken, and a vegetarian version of garlic, mushrooms, and black truffle.

What is our cancellation policy for regular bookings?

Our company policy for groups of under 6 guests states that cancellations made less than 48 hours prior to the event forfeit any right to a refund
Groups of over 6 guests have up to a week before the event takes place to do any changes or modifications free of charge. If changes or cancellations occur with less than a week’s notice, the guests lose their right to a reimbursement. 

What is our cancellation policy for private bookings?

Our cancellation policy states that guests have up to two weeks before the event to make any changes free of charge and receive a full refund. If we are notified with less than a two-week notice, the guest loses 50% of the deposit made, and lastly, with less than a week’s notice, the guests lose their right to a refund.

Are there any other terms and conditions I should be aware upon booking?

Yes! We usually grant guests a grace period of 15 minutes for any unforeseen delays a guest may encounter while getting to our venue, as long as we are notified beforehand. This grace period is to be on the premises, not to receive the first notification of the delay. Past the 30 minute mark, guests loose the right to participate in the activity, reimbursement, or reschedule.