The Paella Club | Cooking Class Barcelona Slow Food
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The TPC Foundation

"There's no one in the world who has nothing to share"



Opening a space of our own where we could spread knowledge about the Spanish cuisine and culture with people from all over the Globe was our biggest dream. The idea of having dozen of smiling faces in one place toasting with wine produced from local artesans while discovering (and loving!) our roots most iconic dishes made the hearts of our culinary journey full.


Our farm to table concept goes beyond just sourcing our goods locally, we also want to help our community grow and be better. We take pride in our expertise and of teaching other cultures about our own but we understand that, if we love our community, we need to do our part to make it better and assure that those who need it the most also get an opportunity to upgrade their quality of life.


An Exploration of Local Cuisine That Gives Back: Our Responsability

Our philosophy not only celebrates our local ingredients but more importantly, the people around us and with that mindset, we created the TPC Foundation.

Now, we take a euro of every booking made and place it into a fund and, every trimester, we collaborate with a different local NGO. Together, you included, we join forces to help different causes that elevate the living of those who needed the most in our community.


This trimester, we are working with The Johan Cruyff Foundation, an organization that supports and develops sports activities for children in need all over the world.