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Our success is driven by the unstoppable passion and love we infuse into everything we do. This dedication is evident to our customers, who consistently highlight our paella-making class as one of the most memorable parts of their trip to Barcelona. Our mission goes beyond ensuring every guest leaves with a smile and a lighter heart; it extends into our broader commitment to community growth and global support.

We have established a foundation dedicated to fostering community growth and aiding those in need worldwide. For every reservation made, we allocate €1 to a fund that is donated each trimester to various NGOs. Through this initiative, we aim to share our good fortune with those less privileged, believing that even a shared meal can contribute to community development. By making small steps to help those in need, we can create a better world, as only through collective efforts can we achieve significant results.

Over the years, we have primarily supported organizations such as the Johan Cruyff Foundation, which develops sports programs for underprivileged children globally, and the Josep Carreras Foundation, dedicated to transforming leukemia into a 100% curable disease while minimizing treatment side effects. This foundation also addresses the medical needs of patients and provides accommodation for those who must travel long distances for medical care.

In April 2024, we took a significant step forward: Alex Betolaza, founder and CEO of The Paella Club, participated in the Boston Marathon with Team With A Vision. This team, dedicated to running and inclusion, aims to raise awareness and funds for the Massachusetts Association for the Blind and Visually Impaired (MABVI). Their mission is to empower individuals experiencing vision loss or blindness to lead fulfilling lives, emphasizing that “blindness does not have to mean the end of activities that a person enjoys.”

“I want to make a change in the world by helping everyone in need, regardless of where they come from. Running the Boston Marathon with MABVI is a dream come true,” explains Alex. We launched a crowdfunding campaign and immensely appreciate your support for MABVI. You supported Alex throughout his journey, helping him cross a finish line that symbolized more than just physical endurance. It was a marathon driven by a higher purpose: each mile was fueled by your contributions to sustain MABVI’s mission for an equitable future.

Choosing to run the Boston Marathon holds deep significance for us. In 1967, Kathrine Switzer made history as the first woman to officially run the marathon, following Roberta Gibb, who unofficially completed it in 1966 by hiding near the start. Kathrine Switzer’s courage and determination not only inspired our personal running journeys but also reflect our company’s commitment to driving positive social change. She paved the way for millions of women to be empowered by the simple act of running, embodying the spirit of resilience and empowerment that we strive to uphold.

In a world often dominated by individualism, it’s easy to feel powerless towards injustice. However, as Kathrine Switzer famously said, “If you are losing faith in human nature, go out and watch a marathon.” Each step, no matter how small, has the potential to lead us to remarkable destinations when combined with others. Like Switzer’s groundbreaking run, our marathon journey is fueled by the collective effort to inspire change.

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