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Finding the right locale at the right location can be a difficult proposition, and we were lucky to find a space only three minutes from the legendary Barcelona Boqueria Market.

The locale, when we took over, had been prepared for a clothing store which had never opened. Neighbors in the area shared with us after we started construction that it had originally been a bakery prior to the clothing store remodel. For us, the return to its food roots was an exciting discovery, as were the locals were also excited to see something food based return to the space.

The installations were metal stone, and a bunch of false walls of drywall, which meant weeks and weeks of removal and even the use of torches to break down the giant metal components built by the previous tenants. Let’s just say Alex and Vincent had a blast using the torches to break down all the metal for disposal.

By the middle of September, we had the locale cleaned out, and ready to begin our work. Since our interior design theme utilized stone and metal installations, we were able to reuse recycle some of the waste, with the help of our amazing furniture maker and metal expert Iban Jurado.  The locale construction revolved around three areas for our client enjoyment, introductions, cooking, and enjoyment. We’ve set up The Paella Club to facilitate all three, with the entry area set up as a comfortable introduction to our space, the middle area the kitchen space where you and/or your group can enjoy a private cooking experience away from the street, and finally the dining area at the very back, set up in a cozy stone and wood them with our eclectic and one-of-a-kind serving plates.



The road is almost finished, and opening date is coming soon! We look forward to greeting you and sharing our Paella experience with you!



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