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One of our cornerstone philosophies is to support local business – large and small – in order for our visitors to experience what we feel is some of the best quality representations of Barcelona.
Then came the grand debate about selection the beers for you to enjoy before, during, and after you make your Paella with us. There was discussions, there was more discussions, and then there were the oodles of visits by well-intentioned suppliers in Barcelona. Hey, after all, we’re a new business and fresh meat for all the beer distributors of Barcelona. If you’re interested a deeper explanation of the Spain phenomena, then check out this article here.
So the debate came to, well, we have to have a local beer. Some of our clients may not be beer specialists, so one of us (remaining nameless) said we definitely need to have a somewhat well known beer from the region on tap. And after much, debate, and the fact this brand brought us some amazing promotional materials, we selected Moritz for our beer on tap.
Why Moritz? It’s not only the taste of the beer and the quality of the beer, but the company philosophy behind Moritz. We feel we share a similar design ethos, from Moritz renovating a landmark location right in downtown Barcelona utilising the history of the locale and incorporating it into their experience, to the design of their marketing materials combining modern with retro.
But this is not the only beer we have for you to enjoy. There are those of you out there who are fans of small production craft beers, made famous initially in the United States with the microbrewery movement. Barcelona has an incredible scene of microbreweries, and we’ve partnered with Garage Beer Company to bring some of the best ales, IPAs, stouts and porters. This is not only enjoyment at The Paella Club, but also for you to take home or to your hotel, as the case may be.
Why Garage Beer Company? It’s all about the flavour, baby. Their “hoppy” flavour combines well with our paella recipes, plus the quality of their cans allows the flavour to be maintained, almost as good as if it was on tap at their brewery. And, Vincent loves their design and branding flare, as it is in his mind, something to behold.
Which is your choice for your paella experience with us? We look forward to sharing both brands with you, and let you choose which one is your preference.

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