TPC and BeLocal spend a day with Casal dels Infants




The philosophy behind The Paella Club is to give back to society and share with the world the richness of Catalan (and in lesser extent Spanish) products. We will get back to some beautiful products shortly, but for now let’s focus on the charitable character of The Paella Club’s operations.

Did you know that almost half of the world’s food is tossed away? Though in cities like Madrid and Barcelona, more and more initiative to fight local hunger is mushrooming, in these same cities there are thousands and thousands of homeless people who hardly eat anything.

At The Paella Club we never throw away food. As soon as our last program finishes, we pack the leftovers in takeaway boxes and bring them to the local church, which distributes the food among the homeless.

Next door to The Paella Club, we have Casal dels infants as our neighbours. Since 1983, this association is dedicated to help and support the local children (the Raval area) and to stimulate them to develop their capabilities in order for them to have a better future. More than 40.000 children and families have enjoyed the benefits of the association.

In a joint operation with professional tourism guide, Carlos Andrade (Be Local Tours) , who designs walking tours that respect the local community, a group of children were invited to come and cook paella.

The afternoon was full of fun and the team of The Paella Club had a great time explaining how to make “that mouthwatering paella”.

Some of the children possesed some serious cooking skills and that was reflected in the paellas. Mmmmmmmmmm… we might see them back in a professional kitchen one day!


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