The “Japanese” Club takes over TPC for one night!

The Japanese Club is taking over TPC on Saturday February 24th, beginning at 18:30! So what’s the details? What does the takeover entail?

Chef Alex Villar is teaming up with Japanese chef Mitsutaka Ume to teach you how to make amazing Japanese cuisine! That’s right you’ll learn to make sushi, Japanese appetisers, entrées, dessert and more!!

Unlike other sessions, where you spend around or maybe 2 hours, make a couple of rolls, and then head home, you’ll spend more time in a true Japanese experience learning more cooking secrets including:

  • Making four different kinds of sushi: California roll, Salmon Uruamaki, Salmon Sashimi, and Tuna Sashimi
  • Learn the proper Gyoza techniques
  • How about a little Yakitori Chicken?
  • Ever heard of Okonomiyaki?
  • There’s dessert

PLUS, as a bonus you’ll also have a SAKE pairing, of four different kinds of sake. The sake is a unique and Catalan made sake from Maresme rice. You’ll learn more about this during the event; we really don’t want to give away too many details.

So this is a 6 course event, and will go from 18:30 until approximately 23:30.  Space is limited to 16 people, and it’s recommended for pairs, as you will be cooking together at one station.


89€ per person






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