13 December, 2017

Expressing The Paella Club concept in images

A picture truly is worth a thousand words, and we have been fortunate to have Linda Marengo provide us with her talents to showcase our venture […]
4 December, 2017

Remodeling The Paella Club with our own hands

Finding the right locale at the right location can be a difficult proposition, and we were lucky to find a space only three minutes from the […]
19 November, 2017

The legendary La Boqueria Market is our product cornerstone

If you’ve been to Barcelona to visit, or if you live in town, there’s a few legendary places everyone talks about: Sagrada Familia, Casa Batllo, Camp […]
4 November, 2017

What’s the story behind the beer?

One of our cornerstone philosophies is to support local business – large and small – in order for our visitors to experience what we feel is […]
3 October, 2017

Behind every original concept, there is a story…

Alex Betolaza, a Basque foodie living in Barcelona, has another passion besides cooking: the English language. Ever since he was a child, he watched the American […]