6 August, 2018

All About Paella

A Crash-Course in Paella   Here at The Paella Club, we’re a bit obsessed with Paella. But what’s the big deal about this Spanish specialty?   […]
10 February, 2018

TPC and BeLocal spend a day with Casal dels Infants

      The philosophy behind The Paella Club is to give back to society and share with the world the richness of Catalan (and in […]
3 February, 2018

The Paella Club becomes The Valentines Club

For one day only! Okay, maybe for one day a year, The Paella Club becomes “The Valentines Club” for those who want to enjoy an evening […]
10 January, 2018

Introducing …. Chef Alex Villar

The Paella Club is happy to have the young and talented Alex Villar as head of our cooking experiences, otherwise known as “Chef Alex” to the […]
13 December, 2017

Expressing The Paella Club concept in images

A picture truly is worth a thousand words, and we have been fortunate to have Linda Marengo provide us with her talents to showcase our venture […]
4 December, 2017

Remodeling The Paella Club with our own hands

Finding the right locale at the right location can be a difficult proposition, and we were lucky to find a space only three minutes from the […]
19 November, 2017

The legendary La Boqueria Market is our product cornerstone

If you’ve been to Barcelona to visit, or if you live in town, there’s a few legendary places everyone talks about: Sagrada Familia, Casa Batllo, Camp […]
4 November, 2017

What’s the story behind the beer?

One of our cornerstone philosophies is to support local business – large and small – in order for our visitors to experience what we feel is […]
3 October, 2017

Behind every original concept, there is a story…

Alex Betolaza, a Basque foodie living in Barcelona, has another passion besides cooking: the English language. Ever since he was a child, he watched the American […]